ULTI Impress - 4 gang Push-Push Switch Cover

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With its ultra-clean lines, sleekly chic square profile and instantly identifiable round dolly, ULTI blends two contrasting geometries to create modern simplicity of unprecedented freshness. The design overcomes the clutter of a large central mechanism or the redundant lines of a surround frame. It results in maximum scope to showcase the synergy of color, material and finish in a standard-sized wall plate. Adding the final touch, ring-shaped LED locators glow pleasingly to guide you to your switches at night. ULTI is for those who seek the haute couture in space design. Marrying the highest aesthetics in cosmopolitan décor and superb functionality in the art of fine lighting, the award-winning ULTI range delights your vision with pure pleasure, and lights up your senses with splendour… bringing you to another level of inspired living.

  • Award winning design, clear square profile for a modern & chic appearance
  • Super Stylish - Single piece face plate with maximized space for plate along with soft radiant blue/amber backlight for switches
  • Strength & Durability - Ionized metal grid for back housing plate
  • Multiple Finish Options - Crystal Glass, Champagne Gold, Brushed Silver, Pearl White

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