5 tips for setting up bright interiors

Did you know? Interior lighting designs can truly elevate the aesthetics of your space. When furnished with complementing furniture, colour palette and fixtures, lighting can change the ambience and mood of your interiors into something completely new and mesmerising.

Light interiors have always been the preferred choice of urban home planners as they give an open flow to interior spaces. So, in today's post we are sharing 5 tips for setting up bright interiors.

To each its own

Every interior space has its own use, which means, every space needs its own plan in terms of interior decor. For example, you will need concentrated lighting solutions for your kitchen slab and stove top, while cabinets and storage units will benefit from recessed lighting. For the reading room, you need soft lighting that travels away from you.

Explore Layer lighting

Using multiple lighting sources within a single interior space helps in creating the perfect ambience. Layer lighting is also apt for transforming the physical properties of a space. For example, solutions like cluster lights give a cosy feel to your interiors whereas pendant lights are often used to create an illusion of height.

Let Natural Light in

There's nothing like the spread of natural light. To make your rooms look brighter and airier, pay attention to the shape, size and design of your windows. The more natural light your windows can engulf, the more it will help in increasing interior luminosity. You can also use glass, wood and metal to enhance the aura of such spaces, as these elements perfectly complement the natural lighting. Schneider Electric India offers a complete range of electrical accessories (switch and socket) with natural finishes.

Light Paints and Wallpapers

Light paints, such as shades of white, and wallpapers can liven up an interior space. Paint choices can make up for the lack natural light as well. For example, a basement with white wall will look much more open and airy, even if there's no natural light. You can also pick and choose bright interior designs made by expert interior designers for a more glamourous look. Schneider Electric India offers bright home interiors with their Fab Homes Packages such as Fab Homes-Vanilla Package, Fab Homes-Regal Grey Package and Fab Homes-Contemporary White Package.

Sensible Furnishings

Light coloured furniture that blends into your decor also helps in creating a seamless flow. You can also try minimalism to emphasise interior light and space. Also, sensible choice of electrical fixtures such as switches and sockets can help avoid breaks in interior design and maintaining the design flow.

Bonus tip:

Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of light and space, especially for smaller home and apartment owners. However, make sure the brighter lights are not placed directly in front of a mirror, as it will break the aesthetic.

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