5 trending light fixtures for your home and office

Designing an interior space is always a fun thing to do. Be it your home or office space; a smart interior can make it a pleasant, personal experience. Lighting plays an integral part in bringing that personality to life. Also, smart lighting solutions can increase the utility of an interior space manifold.

So, today we are sharing the latest trending ideas for lighting up your home and office.

Bronze Caged Pendants

Pendant lighting has stirred up the interior lighting space in recent years with both traditional and ultra-modern design alternatives. A bronze touch can work wonders if you have a brick exposed wall or plenty of steel and wooden accents inside your home or office. You can also buy electrical switches and socket accessories to match the glow.

Hanging Basket Designs

More suited for rustic interiors, these decorative light fixtures can be suspended above a dining table or living area for gentle, elegant illumination. Hanging basket lights look best when matched with light-coloured interiors.

Glass Vase Bulbs

Angled more towards minimalism, these lights are a reimagination of the classic glass bulb. However, the illumination is not quite as strong as modern lighting fixtures. But they look savvy, and you can complement the installation with wall lamps or floor lamps that match the decor.

Flush Mount Lights

Flush mount light fixtures touch the ceiling surface, filtering the light through glass diffuser pieces. Sometimes these ceiling lights are also called flush mount chandeliers. These lights are ideal for dining, living and workspaces with limited room as they add a soft glow to a place and can complement other lighting fixtures on walls and floor.

Wall Sconces

An interior lighting method that is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners in India, wall sconces are mounted directly on the walls. These lights provide both general and accent lighting and are ideal for open spaces, such as dining areas, cafe lights, open office layouts and such. Paired with ceiling fixtures, these lights can create an ensemble experience.

What's more?

Well, beautiful lighting fixtures also need complimenting electrical fixtures and interior decor. So, it's imperative to pick and choose switch and socket designs, fans and other electrical housings for a uniform look and feel. Besides, when in doubt, you can always check out Schneider Electric's modular range of home electricals.

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