After a smartphone and smart TV, it’s time for smart home

We live in the 21st century, and a lot of things have changed since its advent. Beginning with the cellular era, we are now in the age of smart devices. Smartphones penetration is increasing day by day and products like smart TVs have also become more commonplace.

So, what comes next?

Home automation is fast becoming the talk of the town. Sooner or later, we will realize the dream of living in completely automated societies. It’s not just a convenient step forward, but also the need of the hour. Continuously evolving lifestyles have made it necessary to cut out the mundane and focus on creative and productive aspects of life.

In this post, we are sharing the 7 reasons why it’s time for you to setup a smart home.

Small Comforts that Add Up

Small things like getting up and turning off the lights often seem like a nuisance when you are relaxing at home after a long day at work. A smart home setup relieves you of such tasks. Switch your home’s amenities on or off remotely and enjoy the cozy comforts as you will.

Voice Activated Commands

Home automation systems are making excellent use of voice activated commands, taking convenience and time saving to the next level. Simply say the command and behold the magic happen, from mood lighting to air conditioning controls, everything’s just a word away.

Safer Homes

Smart home technology has also advanced home safety and security features beyond conventional locks. Biometric scanners and facial recognition systems have been refined to infallible levels, literally opening the doors to a keyless future.

Security cameras with night-vision and sensor-based security systems are now integrated with private and public emergency response services, creating a safety net around you and your loved ones.

Good for the Environment

Yes, you read that right. Not all technology is bad for the environment. Smart home automation has proven to be more energy efficient and environment friendly. Smart homes optimize your daily energy consumption and even regulate water use and wastewater management. Moreover, integration with clean energy technologies like solar power can bring you another step closer to green living.

Smart means, Smart

Smart home setups are not limited to simple automation of daily activities. Advanced AI and machine learning technologies allow your home to learn from your behavior and adapt to your lifestyle. For example, you can have your favorite track playing as you walk in or have the air conditioning switch on when you are at a set distance from your home.

Home and Lifestyle Insights

With a truly smart home, you can monitor how often you watch TV, your sleep and gym schedules, and more importantly your energy consumption habits. These insights can help you in making positive adjustments to your lifestyle and energy use, after all that’s what a smart home is meant to do.

Saves you Money

Smart homeowners tend to save up to 20% on utilities and maintenance costs in comparison to conventional house owners. Over time, these savings can add up in a significant sum.

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