All You Need to Know About Distribution Boards

All You Need to Know About Distribution Boards

You flick a switch the lights come on, you plug in a charger and your device is charged, you push a button and your food is ready. Electricity has become an essential part of our lives, especially with the introduction of gadgets that make all aspects of our lives easier. So much so that we rarely spend any thoughts on how all these appliances are even powered? All your gadgets and appliances are connected to a power source and continue to run with complete safety. These seemingly simple processes are done with the help of complex systems.

Distribution Boards - The Roots of Electrical Supply

Take for instance the distribution board. Imagine a huge tree, one with many branches harbouring leaves. A distribution board is akin to the roots of the tree. The roots take in moisture from a water source and ensure its even distribution to all branches. A distribution board does just this but with electricity. The main power cable is inserted into the distribution board. The board then supplies the electricity to different circuits. Each circuit is protected with a fuse to ensure safety. The endpoint of the distribution board is switchboards which then charge and operate devices.

All You Need To Know About Purchasing Distribution Boards

With its importance established, you can know that no modern home can function without a distribution board. Here are some things you need to know during your investment of a distribution box.


Distribution boards hold some of the key facets of electrical supply. From the main switch, circuit breakers, bus bars and bypass equipment. It also holds safety devices to avoid short circuits, earth leakage and overload. Based on whether you are purchasing an electrical DB box for commercial or residential purposes, you can pick one that meets these needs. Irrespective of the use though, ensure your MCB distribution box is of good quality.


Again, based on your unique needs, you can opt for a range of main distribution boards. These include surface-mounted, flush-mounted, horizontal or vertical layouts. You can also procure different sizes of MCB DB which would include fewer or more circuits. It’s important to know the exact type of distribution board you need to ensure efficiency, optimal performance and safety.


Distribution boards are big and clunky. This means that most people prefer placing them in concealed spaces. You can place your distribution box in your garage, basement or spaces under the stairs. While placing it in any of these areas, do ensure that the board receives sufficient ventilation to avoid overheating. You must make sure the board is easily accessible and can be easily switched off in case of any accidents.


Distribution boards have always been at the receiving end of flak for their design. The boards are usually bulky and look unappealing. With modern design and technology, these boards have been redesigned to appear sleek, sharp and aesthetic. So even if you don’t have concealed spaces to store these boards in, you can always keep it in plain sight. These well-designed distribution boards when procured from a credible brand also ensure that its main function of distributing power remains uncompromised.

Schneider Electric - An Industry Leader in Electrical Devices

You can buy main distribution boards that offer all these features, guarantees safety, and ensures efficient performance. All you need to do is head to Schneider Electric. A reputed and popular name in the world of electric devices, Schneider Electric has built efficient MCB DBs that have redefined the world of electric supply. Ensure you settle for nothing but the best in the industry with Schneider Electric. You can buy them from our eshop

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