Buy a new UPS instead of replacing the old UPS battery, learn why?

Buy a new UPS instead of replacing the old UPS battery, learn why?

A power cut when you are in the middle of a productive work session or an entertaining gaming binge is a total disaster. That’s when you feel the need for a power backup device more acutely than ever in your life. Fortunately, Uninterruptible Power Supply solutions exist that keep you going even when your DISCOM fails. But what to do when your UPS battery starts dying?

In today’s post, we have a look at three likely scenarios you may face with your current UPS battery and system, and the possible resolution to them.

When your UPS is less than 3 years old

Depending on your use-case, it is quite possible to exhaust a UPS battery within one to three years of purchase. UPS units generally come with 1-year standard warranty, but if the electricity supply in your area is finnicky, check the market for UPS with 3-year warranty terms. Some brands also offer service packs for extending UPS warranty, for example when you buy APC UPS, you can opt for extending the warranty up to 3 years.

But in general, if your UPS is less than 3 years old, go for a battery replacement but make sure you invest in a good, branded UPS battery replacement.

When your UPS is 3 to 5 years old

In this case, first analyze the features of your UPS system before making the choice between buying a new UPS or opting to replace the battery. Older UPS systems often lack surge protection features and support for low-powered devices, which can make them obsolete in some of the more modern use-cases.

So, if your UPS has all the features you need, but the battery back-up is going down, buy a new UPS battery. Once again, beware of cutting corners with the quality of UPS battery and only buy from the OEM for best performance and value. Brands like APC offer replacement battery cartridges with features like complete assembly and hot swapping.

When your UPS is 5+ years old

If you are still rocking an old UPS for some reason, it’s time to buy a new UPS instead of replacing the battery. A new UPS will come with enhanced features and more power-efficient system design. For instance, your old UPS may lack the following features while a new one will have them,

  • Modern and compact Line Interactive UPS Design
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator, Generator Compatibility and Surge Protected 6A, 2 & 3 Pin Output
  • Low-Voltage Compatibility (needed for running routers and charging smartphones etc.)
  • Cold start capability and quieter operation during changeover from mains
  • Extended warranty options (such as those provided by APC UPS)

So, that concludes the three scenarios which may compel you to buy a new UPS or UPS battery, and our expert solution for them. We hope you found them useful.

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