Benefits of Installing Automated Curtains in Your Home

Benefits of Installing Automated Curtains in Your Home

Efficiency, convenience, comfort, and security are the four pillars on which smart home technologies rest. If you are planning to live in such a home, one of the first things to get is an automatic curtain opener. If you are skeptical about our suggestions, explore the benefits of installing automated curtains in your home to understand why it's a 'smart' investment.


Remember all the times you forgot to draw the curtains before leaving home or, worse, after getting into bed? With smart motorized curtains in place, you won't have to worry about that anymore. Stating the obvious, automated curtains can be opened and closed through your smartphone. You can even automate your curtains' opening and closing times with smart home automation to enjoy outside views while you laze around on Sunday mornings.

Save Energy

Letting in more natural light can help save energy costs in your home or office. However, opening and closing curtains or blinds all the time may seem like a chore. But with automated curtain controllers in place, you can regulate the interior lighting with ease. Moreover, you will be able to cut down the unnatural glare of fluorescent lights and enjoy healthier interior lighting.

Automated curtains also allow you to regulate the temperature inside your home during cold weather. Most Indian homeowners fail to recognize the importance of letting in sunlight during winters. But with automated curtains, you can warm up the interiors when the sun is out and dial down the use of room heaters to save energy and cost.


Smart curtain controllers can be lifesaving in case of fires, allowing smoke to leave the interior, alerting onlookers, and letting emergency response teams look in for rescue assessments. Automated curtain controllers in tandem with smart lights can be used to ward off burglars conducting recon on an empty home or office. 

So, invest in a smart automatic curtain system to make your life better, healthier, and safer. Ask a Schneider Electric expert how you can customize and integrate smart home technologies with your existing electrical setup.

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