MCCB: Applications & Advantages

MCCB: Applications & Advantages

Electricity has become one of the most important aspects of today’s living, and people’s dependency on it is increasing day by day. Thus, it has become necessary to take smart actions to save electric power. Thus, electrical devices and controlling of flow of current is a basic move that needs to be taken. With the exceptional flow of current and short circuit, the chances of extreme damage to the circuit increase day by day. To prevent faulty situations, LVS (Low Voltage Switchgears) are used to protect the injuries. Amongst these devices come MCCB.

What Are MCCBs?

MCCB is known as Moulded Case Circuit Breaker. The MCCB is used in places where adjustable tripping is required. It is essentially used for high current applications and features a manually operated switch for tripping the circuit. It is majorly used for both low and high breaking capacity requirements, mainly industrial. The electric device mentioned here is manufactured as an electrical protection device and is used to protect the electric circuit from excessive current, which is the reason for causing a situation of overload or short circuit. 

MCCB has two arrangements, where one is for the over-temperature, and the other one is for over current. It has a bimetallic contact, which with the temperature change, expands and contracts. During the normal working conditions, the bimetallic contact allows the current to free flow through the circuit. However, in case the current goes beyond the upper predefined limit, the bimetallic contact will get warm and expand till the time they get open. Due to this, the circuit gets disconnected from the main supply, protecting the equipment from damage.

As mentioned in an article, MCCBs are very useful in providing protection against overload, short circuit faults and switching circuits on and off. This product is distinctive for its unique features of:

  • Compact size: These are compact in measures and spares a significant space inboard plan.
  • Lower downtime: The MCCB can very well be Reset and Switched-On again instantly in the wake of finding the fault. 
  • Reduction in inventory: Various factors of MCCB enables flexibility in stocking, installation and servicing.  

MCCB, with the combination of one or two different trip elements, protect the circuit from various situations, like:

  • Thermal Overload: These are the currents above the rated value that last longer than what is normal for the appliance. 
  • Short Circuit: This is a situation where the electrical current does not pass through all of the wirings and instead, chooses a shorter route. 
  • Ground Fault Condition: This is a fault in which electrical current flows directly to the earth.  

Applications Of MCCB

MCCBs are built in a manner to handle high currents and are used widely in heavy-duty applications, such as adjustable trip settings for applications with low currents, protecting capacitor banks, welding machines, protecting motors, protecting generators and electric feeders.

Advantages of MCCB

  • They are compact in measure and saves considerable space in the panel design.
  • They prevent the electrical devices from the faulty situation. 
  • It can very well be reset or switched on again instantly in the situation of finding the blame that caused the stumbling amid activity.  
  • The maintenance fee is negligible. 

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