5 Tips for Selecting the Best Electrical Switches and Sockets

5 Tips for Selecting the Best Electrical Switches and Sockets

From furniture and furnishings to electrical and bath fittings, many things need your attention when you are setting up your new home or renovating your existing abode. A lot of these things are long term investments and therefore, getting the right products becomes quite essential. For example, a bad set of bath fittings or outdated, inconveniently placed electrical fittings can ruin the ‘home sweet home’ experience.

At Schneider Electric, we have had decades of experience designing home electrical supplies, and we understand how important these little things are when setting up your dream home. So, today we are sharing the top five tips from our experts for picking up electrical switches and sockets for home.

  1. Switch and Socket Design

  2. When we think of a switch and sockets, the first thing that comes into mind is the functional-looking switchboard we have gotten used to in older homes. Those old-school switches and sockets are more of a functional element instead of something that melds into your home’s décor. But with the coming of modular switches and sockets, the electrical space has completely transformed. Nowadays, you can pick and choose electricals in various designs, materials and finishes to match with your paint and interior style themes.

    Schneider Electric India also offers elegant modular switches and sockets in various ranges, including Livia Switch, Neo Switch, Zencelo Switch, Ulti Switch, Clipsal X, Avatar On and Unica Pure.

  3. Quality and Materials

  4. There are some things where cutting corners is never an option; home electricals fall into that category. The quality and materials you pick for home electrical setup must be of the highest quality to minimize the risk of fire and shock hazards. For example, Schneider Electric’s modular switches and sockets are made from high-quality thermosetting plastics, making them highly durable and safe to use.

  5. Connectivity & Accessibility

  6. An essential part of getting the electrical setup right is the connectivity and accessibility it offers. Nowadays, when we all have relatives and friends living abroad, the need for having universal plug sockets has increased manifold. Even you may have some electronic products, purchased during a holiday in the Americas or Europe, that need a different pin socket. So, upgrading your home’s electrical setup with a universal socket can help you get rid of those extensions and adapters that keep piling up.

  7. Child Safety

  8. For households with children (which means all households at some point in time), child safety is a fundamental concern. Having shock-proof switch covers and shuttered sockets gives you one less thing to worry about when a toddler is around. So that you know, all Schneider Electric’s modular switches and sockets are designed with Child Safe features and support devices that automatically disconnect when a short-circuit or accident is detected.

  9. Repair & Replacement

Things break with use that is the natural order of things. But what do you do when there are no replacements available for the make and model you have? It’s a common problem faced by homeowners and one easily remedied by buying branded products. Only mainstream electrical brands like Schneider Electric offer long-term support, so you don’t end up with mismatched switches and sockets. Moreover, with modular switches and socket, replacing a faulty accessory is also as simple as lifting the faceplate, front-loading the new device and putting the faceplate back. So, no damaged wallpaper or paint, no hassle.

So, there you have them, our top tips for buying new switches and sockets. Now you can buy electrical supplies directly from Schneider Electric in India from our e-shop shop.schneider-electric.co.in

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