The Classic MCB selection at Schneider Electric

The Classic MCB selection at Schneider Electric

While electricity plays an extremely important role in our everyday lives, it must be carefully handled. If left unsupervised, electricity can be a health hazard that can prove fatal by causing accidents. Households with children and pets must have a supply of electricity that is adequately protected to prevent any accidents like electrocution and fire. MCBs or Miniature Circuit Breakers are one of the most popular components that are used for protection against electrical accidents around the house.

MCBs are often classified as control and electrical protection devices across electrical circuits and components and are one of the major countermeasures against electrical surges and spikes. MCBs function as automatic electrical switches that disconnect the electrical circuit connecting an electrical appliance to the main power line during an overload or short circuit. They are designed as a countermeasure that removes power from a faulty system to prevent electrical accidents or damages. 

MCBs are popular as they are simple and easy to operate. They have the lowest response time and are automatically triggered to avoid any crisis. Moreover, MCBs often come with manual controls that can be used to switch the circuit on or disconnect it. These affordable, maintenance-free components are durable and are equipped with on, off, and trip facilities, making them safe. 

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The Classic MCB Selection at Schneider Electric

MCBs are regularly used around households and hence must be carefully designed to avoid disasters like electrical accidents and fires. The range of high-end MCBs from Schneider Electric provides you and your loved ones with maximum protection from electrical hazards and is available at incredibly affordable rates. They are also available in convenient, modular designs so they can be easily fit and installed across any electrical circuit. The Schneider Electric online store features a wide selection of the best functioning MCBs, some of which are mentioned below: 

  • Acti 9 MCB XC60 4P 40A B 10000A 

The Acti 9 XC60 4P 40A B 10000A MCB is one of the premium designs from Schneider Electric and is responsible for electrical protection and control. This MCB model uses thermal-magnetic trip unit technology, which is triggered by the slightest change in the electricity level flowing through the circuit, or a rise in temperature. It is able to instantly disconnect the circuit, protecting your device from short-circuits and overheating. It has a toggle control for easy access. The clip-on mounting mode is convenient for connecting the MCB to a circuit line. The Acti 9 XC60 4P 40A B 10000A MCB can effectively function within an operational voltage range of 380V to 415V AC and 220V to 250V DC. 

  • Acti 9 MCB XC60 2P 2A D 10000A

The Acti 9 MCB XC60 2P 2A D 10000A s from Schneider Electric is one of the best home voltage protectors available at a budget-friendly price. It provides amazing protection from electrical surges and spikes and prevents your connected electrical device from burning out or suffering permanent damage. It is equipped with a thermal-magnetic trip unit technology and instantly activates during a change in the temperature or the levels of electricity flowing through the circuit. Triggering the MCB will disconnect the circuit from the main power source, disrupting the flow of electricity through the connected appliance, which would otherwise cause the appliance to burn out or permanently damage the appliance. This MCB has a breaking capacity of 6kA and can withstand a voltage range between 380V to 415V AC. The Acti 9 XC60 2P 2A D 10000A MCB has been provided with a toggle switch for easy control and a clip-on mounting mode for installation across an electrical circuit.

  • Acti 9 MCB XC60 1P 6A C 10000A

The Acti 9 MCB XC60 1P 6A C 10000A has been designed to work effectively against lower load devices like bulbs. It has a breaking capacity of 10kA and an operating voltage limit of 240V. It protects smaller devices from overloads and short-circuits. 

Final Words

Schneider Electric is not just known for its wide selection of the best MCBs for circuit protection, but it has all electrical components and distribution boards for you to shop under one roof. The products from Schneider Electric are budget-friendly, comprehensive, and can be easily installed. Schneider Electric has all of your electrical requirements and solutions available on a global scale. You can provide your home and loved ones with the best electrical protection with products from Schneider Electric, that too at affordable rates. 

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