Why 2021 is the right year to make your home a smart home?

Why 2021 is the right year to make your home a smart home?

Only 10 years ago, controlling your home’s lights, thermostat and security system remotely and through voice commands may have seemed too farfetched. Yet here we are today with home automation through IoT picking up pace and life already seems like a sci-fi movie. While the smart home trend began as a niche lineup of products, today, brands like Schneider Electric have made home automation accessible to every homeowner. Moreover, champions of home automation are slowly making the change happen in every category.

So, in today’s post we analyze why 2021 is the year for you to make the jump and finally join the smart home bandwagon.

Smart buildings are a thing

Every technology takes some time to mature and become mainstream. The concept of smart homes is now beginning to come out of its trial phase. Technologies like smart switches and smart light controllers have matured enough that they can be deployed without any hassles. Smart solutions like voice-controlled curtain rollers and fan controllers are already being deployed by corporate and hospitality industries and are ready to be used in our homes now. So, as a consumer you can expect these smart home technologies to work as advertised without apprehensions generally faced by early adopters.

Rise in compatibility with existing systems

One of the earlier bottlenecks of the home automation scene was that it needed a total revamp of your home’s utility and connectivity. However, with advancement in technology and some smart thinking on the smart home brands’ part, newer home automation solutions can seamlessly integrate with your existing setup. For example, the Wiser Smart Home Solutions by Schneider Electric can make any Indian home a smart home without any retrofit.

Increased Connectivity

Data transmission is at the heart of smart home systems, and poor connectivity is one of the reasons why the home automation scene took time to light up. But with broadband speeds increasing universally and fiber net solutions and 4G connectivity all around us, it has become easier to adapt smart home technologies. With 5G expected to launch this year, what better time to gift yourself a smart home?

Heavy on energy efficiency

Another reason why you should opt for a smart home in 2021 is to mitigate your environmental impact. With global warming taking centerstage and countries looking at comprehensive revamp of their energy use policies, now is the best time to start living an energy efficient and planet-friendly life. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has enabled smart home systems to become self-aware and help in massive energy savings at a global scale.

Customer experience has become a priority

In the past, customer experience was only a smoke screen behind which a lengthy bureaucratic procedure hid its tentacles. However, with the coming of Big Tech and IoT, companies are now prioritizing customer experience as a key parameter of performance. You don’t have to worry about something going wrong and being stuck with an unusable product. Consumer electric brands respond at light-speed these days to warranty and service requests and there is a comprehensive system in place to gauge customer experience at several levels. So, you can rest assured that your transition to a smart home would go as smoothly as planned.

We hope these are reasons enough to get you started with a smart home setup. If you are wondering where to begin, look up Wiser Smart Home Packages at shop.schneider-electric.co.in.

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