Neo - Do Not Disturb Pls Clean Up 2G Sw

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NEO is the world's first & only range of Horizontal switches offering the unique blend of convenience and style. Its ingeniuous combination of matt and gloss finish offers a contemporary and fresh look aided by the clever use of LED technology. NEO range of switches is the epitome of covenience - it is the first range to deploy LED locators in mechanical switches which tells you the location of the switch in the dark with the most enticing and soft glow and at the same time remains unobstrusive through the day. Safety, reliability and durability is inbuilt in the NEPO design - with the plate using the same material as is used in bullet proof jackets. The range is designed to last for more than a decade - with switches tested fully for 80,000+ cycles - double the international standard and sockets over 10,000 cycles. All in all - the perfect range of switches for those who like to think and act different - those who like to challenge the status quo !

  • Unique - World's first & only range of Horizontal switches for convenience and style
  • Stylish - Ingenious combination of matt and gloss finish along with a fresh look through use of LED technology
  • Sturdy & Reliable - Cover plate is made of material used for bullet proof jackets which makes it less flammable, more shock resistant and provides outstanding insulation
  • Dual Tone Colours - Standard colours include Grey and White incorporating Blue and White LED respectively

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